Party's Over

We are not going to update this site anymore.

The old stuff is hidden away somewhere to avoid embarassment for everyone involved. Thanks for the memories, you pottymouths. We've moved on to better things and you probably should too. If you still have the wits of a twelve-year-old, though, I gather Cracked is a good place to go.

That said, here are some parting words from some loyal fans:

  • Am I the reason you don't come around anymore? - Cy
  • I waited 2 years for mystery pics to come back and this is what I get??? A fat girl, a lesbian hiding the middle finger behind a tag and a fag! - RatPrez
  • What's the point of making an award-winning caption? I'll never get laid anyway. - 40 yr. old virgin
  • LABEL. FAIL. - Anonymous

That's it. Party's over.

Yours always,
Babblin' Joe & Jonas
The Cardboard Box Mansion

Mystery Pics